Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
08.30–13.00 hrs | 14.00–18.00 hrs

08.30–13.00 hrs | 14.00–17.00 hrs

Outside of these times there will be an Ansafone switched on. This will advise you how you can contact the on-call doctor. Please do not leave a message on the ansafone, as there is no facility for this.

Tel 020 7225 1544
Fax 020 7225 1874
APPOINTMENT BOOKING: Appointments are booked for consultations of 20–30 minutes. Please mention at the time of booking if you feel that you are likely to need more time, so that the appointment can be extended.

HOME VISITS: House calls are made if requested.
OUT–OF–HOURS CALLS: The Practice provides for 24 hour, 365 day cover. The partners provide this in conjunction with another practice whom they have shared an on call duty rota with for the past 10 years. Details are obtained by calling the Practice number and following instructions.