CAA Medicals

Class 1 Medical Fees

Base Medical £159.00

With ECG £207.00

With Audiogram £197.00

With ECG and Audiogram £245.00

The CAA Class 1 levy of £14.00 will be added to the above fees.

Class 2 Medical Fees

Initial Medical £143.00

Base Medical £143.00

With ECG £191.00

With Audiogram (IR rating only) £181.00

The CAA Class 2 levy of £8.00 will be added to the above fees.

It is possible to ask for additional blood tests should you wish to turn the CAA medical into an annual type “check-up”. Fees will depend on what tests you want done. If you wish cholesterol and lipids treating please do not eat anything and drink only water for 10 hours prior to the medical.

If you have not seen Dr Rowley before photographic ID in the form of a passport or photo driving licence will be required.

Completion before arrival of the CAA form Med 160 for both Class 1 and 2 medicals is advised. If you have any previous health problems which may affect the decision as to whether a Medical Certificate can be issued it is best to e-mail the form ( back well before the booked medical in case other reports have to be gathered from those doctors who treated you for the condition. Please feel free to ring Dr Rowley to discuss, or e-mail your concerns.

The Med 160 PDF document can be found at:
And its explanatory notes at:

Spectacles and Contact Lens Wearers

Should you wear contact lenses please remove them the day before, and bring along your spectacles. A recent (within 2 months) optician’s prescription should be produced at the medical examination (both Class 1 and 2) for both spectacle and contact lens wearers.
Information as to the visual standards required can be found at: and select the relevant page for your Class.

A urine specimen will be required at the time of the medical!

The medical examination takes between 40 to 60 minutes, and you rarely will be kept waiting for more than a few minutes.

Please feel free to contact Dr Rowley to discuss any matter appertaining to your medical or health in general.

Useful links:

CAA Medical Website: This site has lots of information and is well worth a look.

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